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It is estimated that 70-80% of women are wearing the wrong size of bra. This startling figure seems less surprising when we consider the changes that age, pregnancy, exercise, weight gain and loss, and other factors can have on the body's size and shape. In many cases, specialist fitting is the only way to ascertain the correct bra size. If your dress size has changed, or if you have lost or gained weight, there is every chance that your bra size has changed too.

Wearing the wrong size bra gives poor support which can lead to back and shoulder pain, and causes lumps and bumps to appear where they shouldn't, along with chafing skin and general discomfort.

So if you have noticed the band of a bra riding up your back, or the straps digging into your shoulders, or that your bra is not giving the support it should, you may be wearing the wrong size. You will be amazed how much better you look and feel in the correct sized bra. With the improved posture and comfort of your new bra, your figure and your outerwear will be shown off to their best effect.

Ophelia is committed to finding the right bra in the right size for each and every customer. Measuring is just a starting pont in this process, as sizes and fits vary from one brand to another, and some styles of bra simply do not suit certain body shapes. This is where professional expertise and experience comes into play in selecting the correct style and size for the customer.

We recommend that you are re-measured and fitted every time you buy a new bra. Our expert sales assistants have been trained in every aspect of fitting and measuring and know the importance of discretion and sensitivity in fitting for bras. You will be fitted in one of our comfortable and private fitting rooms. The fitter will measure you and ask you about your requirements, and bring you a selection of bras to meet your needs.

Ophelia also specializes in catering for large cup sizes (up to JJ cup) which are more difficult to find in department stores.

If you get correctly fitted every time you buy a new bra, you will already know the benefits. If you have never been professionally fitted, or if you think your bra size may have changed, call in to any Ophelia Lingerie store today for a free, no-obligation fitting. No appointment is necessary.

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